Foto dell'apparato DAMA/NaI nel sito sotterraneo dei laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso

Upper level of the installation

Left: Glove box - maintained in Nitrogen atmosphere - for calibrating the NaI(Tl) detectors avoiding any contact with external environment. It is in direct contact with the inner copper box by means of 4 copper pipes. When the calibration sources holders are not inserted 4 copper bars fill completelythe pipes.
Center: The lateral compensation chamber of the gow-box.
Right: The bottom of the gow-box placed on the top of the passive shield containing the detectors inside the Cu box.

Inner low level of the installation

Left: The Cu box placed in the center of the passive shield. The detectors are installed inside it and maintained in HP Nitrogen atmosphere.
Center: The closed Cu box containing the detectors.
Right: Installing the detectors inside the copper box and shield.

View of some detectors in the copper box in progress of installation